The product warranties are set forth herein except those in which the product data sheet set otherwise. You can view the warranty terms in the file for each product.

Exclusions of warranty.

If the product has received any deterioration or damage from falls, abuse, accident, failure to comply any of the instructions or the product is stored in areas of CORROSION not allowed.

If the product is damaged by incorrect installation made, by the customer.

If there is a fault caused by a component supplied by third parties aside CROMPARTS.

In the particular case of exclusion of warranty for each product.

Return Policy

Our return policy covers two situations, in accordance with current legislation.

Product defective, incorrect or damaged.

When the product is not working properly at the time of reception due to a technical problem, when the delivered product does not match that specified in the order or has been internally or externally damaged during shipping. In this case the customer must communicate within less than 48 hours from receipt of the same, by email with all following details to info@springmakers.net:

  • Subject: Request for Product Return defective on delivery
  • Order number:
  • Complete name or Enterprise data of buyer:
  • Phone and contact person:
  • Reference and part description to be returned:
  • Quantity:
  • Reasons for return:

You should send an email for each defective product to be returned. If received packaging is damaged is very important that you indicate it on the carrier's delivery note at the time of the reception.

Once we receive such email, we will start to process the incidence:

We will give you a return number to be stated clearly on the package along with the address we will provide you. Later on and by your own you should send the product to Muelles CROM at the address mentioned in the directory, we'll proceed to the change if necessary and re-send the new product. Throughout the whole process, we will keep you promptly informed via email or telephone. In this case, all costs of collection and new delivery will run from us.

Withdrawal rights.

When you wish to return any product although there is no type of incident. There is a period of 7 working days from receipt by the customer, to do so you must send an email to the following details info@springmakers.net :

  • Subject: Request for Return.
  • Order number:
  • Full name and address of the purchaser:
  • Phone and contact person:
  • Reference and description of the product to be returned:
  • Quantity:
  • Reason for return:

Once received, we will process the refund.

We'll contact you to inform about the acceptance or not of the return, and delivery address that you must state clearly on the packaging. You must deliver the product within 7 days from the date you received it. (Outside this period we'll not accept the return). .

Items must arrive in the same condition as sent, ie, they should go with all components.

If these conditions are not met we will issue a new post return and the product will be returned back to the customer.

Springmakers.net will pay the money back once the product is received and checked that it is in perfect conditions.

Throughout the whole process, we will keep you promptly informed via email. In this case all transportation costs borne by the customer, who must send the product to our warehouse freight prepaid.